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dream of bedding / the importance of sleep bedding / linens sennik / colorful linens sennik / clean sheets sennik / wash bedding in a dream

When you dream of bedding, it is a symbol of luxury and elegance. In addition, the bedding is also a need to rest, because it is on the bed. It points out also on some important issues, which do not have brought to an end and it's time to do now.

  • When you see in a dream or bedding underneath you sleep, you need to slow down and appreciate what you have around you. 
  • Pure, white bed linen means improving living conditions. 
  • Dirty linen symbolizes a sense of inferiority to others. Laying linen is a symbol of luck at the house fire. T
  • he importance of sleep bedding children are over-protectiveness. I was too worried about other things. 
  • Wash bedding heralds the perfect time to organize plans.
  • According to the dream book linen color it means that in order to improve relations in the link must be well read emotions partner.
  • Bedding hospital symbolizes a serious illness. 
  • Old, damaged sheets are an omen of the crisis in feelings. 
  • Turn down the bed linens bode prepare to improve the relationship.
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