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ceiling / dream about ceiling / white ceiling / falling ceiling

Dream of the ceiling has a lot of meanings. According to the dream book ceiling is a symbol that can always be interpreted with reference to a certain pattern. If we see in a dream a new ceiling, in good condition, well maintained it will always be a positive symbol. However, if the ceiling is in very poor condition, the dream promises trouble.

  • If you see in a dream maintained the ceiling is a sign that in the near future awaits you a lot of nice moments, prosperity and pleasure.
  • A dream in which you see the white ceiling suggests to you that you should reconcile certain things, so that you combine business with pleasure. Black ceiling portends trouble and unpleasantness. Whereas the ceiling in red is a sign that finally defeat his enemy.
  • Equal ceiling seen in a dream means that all your plans will be executed as intended. In turn, the ceiling is uneven dream that tells you that you have to keep in any situation cool.
  • Falling ceiling means that your life will be a lot of very overwhelming and depressing affairs.
  • If you dream that you are building the ceiling is a clear suggestion that some of the tasks entrusted to far surpass you and you can not handle their implementation.
  • If you see in a dream house with no ceiling is a sign that in real life very acutely feel the lack of stability and harmony.
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