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childbirth in the dream / parturition / labour / labor / birthing in the dream

The dream of childbirth often accompanies women who are expecting a baby. Then it can be just a reference to her current situation in life or the expression of some natural concerns about childbirth. Every woman is experiencing this period in her own way, which can be reflected in just a dream. Then there is no need to look for any detailed interpretation of such a dream.
The dream of childbirth for people who absolutely do not expect offspring can promising new appearances in their lives. This is a preview of new ideas and situations that will have a positive impact on their whole lives.
If a healthy child is born it is a positive sign for personal and business life. However, if a newborn is sick or even a dead child is born, it is a serious illness or even a mourning.
According to the senator of old Poland, the dream of childbirth always preaches blessings for the whole family.
If a baby is born during a baby birth, it is a good fortune for business. If a girl is born then it is a harbinger of very painful experiences you will face.
If you are a single woman and you dream of giving birth you should be more careful about your reputation. This is a warning of the scandal that may explode on your part.
If you are a widow and you are dreaming of giving birth or being pregnant then this is the fortune for you of a very good and prosperous life.
The dream in which the main motive is the birth of an animal is a symbol of your enormous strength. You have the advantage over the enemies. You effectively win any disputes.
In a nightmare, birth is often a sign of some sort of cleansing.
If you dream that you are attending an unborn child where the baby is dying, it is a harbinger of the great sadness that will come to you in your life.
For women who are just pregnant the dream that they are giving birth to a distorted child is a reflection of the real concern that a born baby will actually be struggling with some drawbacks.
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