Dreambook:Christmas Tree - The importance of dreams


Similar names of sleep:

christmas tree / buy a christmas tree / beautiful cristmas tree / big cristmas tree

Cristmas tree we associate with Christmas, it is often a symbol of meetings with his family and a new beginning. Dream of a Christmas tree is also often interpreted as the best time to avert conflict and spiritual rebirth.

  • If in a dream you see a big Christmas tree, waiting Cie meeting with the family. 
  • Buying Christmas tree is longing for someone close. 
  • The growing Christmas tree heralds the successful plans. When the greenery, you want to feel appreciated and needed. 
  • Wizened tree bode failure and bad luck. According to the dream book to honor a Christmas tree. 
  • Scented Christmas tree in the car is a symbol of the fact that you like to take care of the details, but do not overdo it too much. 
  • When you light the Christmas tree lights, you do something nice or you take a dangerous undertaking. 
  • Artificial Christmas tree is a misunderstanding in the family and the coming changes. 
  • The beautifully adorned Christmas tree is the symbol of happy moments.
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