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Similar names of sleep:

cleaning / cleaning the apartment / clean a room / clean a clutter / cleaning the yard

When you dream of cleaning, you must reckon with the upcoming financial problems. This symbol also indicates the need poukładania your life and purify the mind with filth. Cleaning can therefore refer to both the material affairs, and spiritual.

  • When you clean the apartment, waiting for you moving.
  • Cleaning the clutter is to take an appropriate decision.
  • If you clean the room, you get rid of the trouble in the end.
  • Dream of cleaning dust promises encountered on boor.
  • When you clean the droppings dream, you have to prepare for expenses that were not in the plan.
  • Cleaning of the church suggests to pay attention to matters of faith and spirituality.
  • When you clean for someone of your information will be circulated harmful rumors.
  • According to the dream book is cleaning the table symbols damage.
  • If you clean the yard, get ready for fights and trouble with the neighbors.
  • Cleaning argument is a symbol of unpleasant duties.
  • The importance of sleep cleaning the basement is a failure of the projects.
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