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Similar names of sleep:

curtain / wash curtains / colorful curtain / dirty curtains

According to the dream book curtains seen in a dream they are related inter alia skrywanymi mysteries and secrets. It is also a symbol associated with the reflection of the mental state of the dreamer.

  • Dream of curtains may symbolize that the person dreaming wants to hide some things before other people. A reason for this may be some concerns about the fact that these plans are simply not true. Curtains in the dream is also a symbol closely guarded secrets. A person dreaming hides a secret before others.
  • Wash curtains in a dream means that you have problems with running conversations with people younger than himself. According to other interpretations are also the announcement of problems with young people.
  • In turn, the view of a very dirty curtains, looks very serious quarrel with a person close to us.
  • Sliding curtains promises that you reveal the secret people you love. On the other hand, suspending curtains heralds visit the person with whom you enjoy spending time, and with whom you feel very good. Removing the curtain is warning against unnecessary spending money. Similar importance has the same buying curtains in a dream.
  • If you see in a dream color curtain mean that you need to finally rest in the comfort of your apartment or house. It's time for it to finally calm down and relax.
  • The windows without curtains to suggest that everything in your life you see in dark colors. Do not you see the beauty of the world and favorable situation.
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