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dance / dancing / dance alone / dancing athe a wedding / dancing at a ball / tango / polonaise / waltz / teach someone dance

Dance is an expression of joy and symbolizes good luck and have fun. If you asleep accompanied by positive feelings, it certainly is a good sign for the future. Dancing draws attention to our entertainment needs, and may relate to the sphere of erotica. Dancing with a partner means monotony in sexual matters and encouraged to fulfill their fantasies.

  • When we dream, we see people dancing, we will have to awake to make a choice. Dancing on the table is a warning from falling into the addiction that comes to us very easily. 
  • If in the dream you teach someone to dance, you have to find the last time to rest. Besides, it may be the announcement of a romance.
  •  Waltz in a dream symbolizes assistance when needed, that someone you will. 
  • Polonaise is a sign of monotony, so you should something in your life finally changed.
  •  Tango heralds turbulent love that will on the one hand pleasant, and the other difficult.
  • If in a dream dance at the ball, we have a very overactive imagination.
  • According to the dream book dancing without music is a show of problems with emotions or time for a rest.
  • Dancing with the beloved herald the imminent wedding and sumptuous wedding.
  • Dream about dancing in a circle symbolizes the meeting with no long sighted people. 
  • The importance of sleep dancing alone to attempt to contact us to our inner voice. Sometimes you have to give an opportunity to speak intuition. 
  • Dancing at the wedding warns against the insidious woman in our environment.
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mike | 5 star star star star star
Good, it meas today i'll have fun
mike | 5 star star star star star
Good, it meas today i'll have fun

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