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Similar names of sleep:

mandate / dream about mandate / wrongly received mandate / paying mandate

The dream of the mandate means that rebel against the entrusted duties. Besides, according to the mandate symbolizes our dream book loss of image. If for him ashamed, we feel a sense of guilt for some actions. In addition, the mandate is often associated disease loved ones.
  • The importance of the mandate of sleep when I get this illness in the family. 
  • Paying mandate means guilt and forgiveness we need, otherwise we will not find peace. 
  • When the charge mandate, we are innocent in a case or forgive others their transgressions. 
  • Wrongly received the mandate means that someone unjustly will evaluate. But if we were able to avoid the payment, we will win in a difficult situation.
  • Type of mandate also indicates our transgressions, eg .: punishment for drinking alcohol means a loss of control over the life of a ticket for speeding is a symbol of reckless conduct.
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