Dreambook:Painting - the importance of dreams


Similar names of sleep:

painting / dream about painting / paint in gray / paint in red / paint in white / paint in black

Dream of painting may refer to want variety in your life - as we paint the walls to renew it, so we want to change your life. Dream of painting can be interpreted very differently depending on what color we see in a dream.

  • If we dream that we paint something in gray is a sign that our life is very monotonous and nothing indicates that in the near future something had to change. 
  • The color red portends while a lot of entertainment and interesting moments. 
  • A dream in which we paint something black heralds disease and even bereavement in the family. 
  • If you dream about white it may be suggested that the excessive ardor approach to certain ideas.
  • If painting the apartment dreams of a woman this is the announcement that it wants to change spiritually and emotionally.
  • Painting flats for lovers portends separation.
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