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Similar names of sleep:

running / barefoot running / running to the enemy / running without a goal / children running / running the stairs

According to the dream book Running implies a need for the development, progress. It is also a promise of pleasant moments in life and to achieve true happiness. Running is also a hint, not to waste time, which escapes us, but enjoy every moment.

  • If you dream that you run in a dream, waiting for you now nice moments. 
  • Running without a goal is a sign of hopelessness and lack of prospects. Running with joy is the promise of happiness. 
  • If you run for the enemy, you will achieve victory. 
  • The importance of sleep running naked betrayal. 
  • Running barefoot symbolizes the difficult path to the goal, no amenities. 
  • When asleep you're running through the woods, do not interfere too much in my own business, because someone may have to you about this grief. 
  • According to the dream book running across the meadow to the prosperity of the business.
  • Running the water symbolizes good luck in love or business. 
  • Running around the room is a loss, but when you want to and you can not run, you are waiting for the disease. 
  • Running for others bode ceremony, which will get the invitation. If you see how others run, they are waiting for you quarrels and misunderstandings. 
  • Children running is a symbol of optimism, which you now will not leave. If the dream comes to an end, you fulfill their plans. 
  • Running up the stairs to the top is a harbinger of new experiences.
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