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Similar names of sleep:

school / dream about school / go to school / middle school / high school / run away from school / empty school / full school

If you dream about school, you have to start to draw conclusions from their experiences, because life you will undergo further tests. According to the dream book school also means the need for knowledge and new experiences. This is the best time to acquire new skills and training in certain areas. The importance of sleep school is a person immature and behaving childishly. You're it or you have to deal with it.
  • Dream of the school where you are means you want what is forbidden.
  • When you go to school, you get praise from the boss.
  • Empty school symbolizes the wasted opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Full school children bode problems in the family.
  • When you write a check, you are waiting for the decisive moment from which much depends.
  • The teacher is a symbol of spiritual guide, or inner strength.
  • Middle School is a knowledge that we need.
  • High School is a symbol of superiority among others.
  • When in a dream run away from school, you have to open your mind to new ideas.
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Pola | 5 star star star star star
I had dream that I was in Middle School. I could find any class. I hadnt any friends and I felt very lonely. I wanted to improve my skills but any teacher wanted to help me. When I woke up I decided that I will go to High School and will start learning :)

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