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Similar names of sleep:

dream of a spider / the spider in a dream / the dream of a spider web / the spider sennik / cross spider in a dream

Dream of spider may be omen of luck and prosperity. However, very often the importance of sleep spider is too much attachment to the mother or being surrounded by other dominant women.
According to the dream book spider is also a symbol of passion and sexual needs. It expresses a sense of guilt that we feel today.

  • Spider and cobweb seen at the same time represent cash flow.
  • Gossamer is a warning against entanglement in trouble.
  • Spider on the body means the happiness that you will soon reach.
  • The spider in the house is the omen that you start to do some things better, and it will bring the desired effect.
  • Spider cross symbolizes good luck.
  • When a spider bite you, get ready for hard work.
  • Spider hanging on a thread means that someone is watching you closely and waiting for a stumble.
  • Big spider heralds a considerable challenge.
  • A lot of small spiders that burst of energy and vitality.
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