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squirrel / dream about squirrel / feed squirrel / stroke squirrel / kill a squirrel / many squirrels

Dream of a squirrel is usually pleasant, because it positively received animal. It means larger family or a marriage. On the other hand, it is also a symbol of selfishness and grabbing at each other many things. According to the dream book squirrel symbolizes a fruitless business.

  • When you see a squirrel in a dream, for free, it means a relationship for married couples larger family. As we observe something like them, waiting for us a happy and peaceful family life. 
  • Feeding squirrels this announcement nice moments in the life of friends.
  •  If the letter she attacks or bites, our marriage will be unsuccessful or ungrateful children. 
  • When we try to catch it, we have to watch out for some danger in life. 
  • Killing squirrels to herald the death of a loved one. 
  • A couple of squirrels bodes for us to positive changes. 
  • Stroking squirrels means and some nice event. 
  • Red squirrel is a sign of stabilization.
  • Black symbolizes the special moments.
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