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Similar names of sleep:

steal / dream about stealing / theft / steal clothes / steal flowers / steal money / steal candies / steal a car

Stealing in a dream means that you attach being a lot of attention to getting rich. Your mind is filled matters related to finance. According to the dream book theft is also a symbol of the suffering and injustice suffered.

  • When someone steals from us in a dream, waiting for our cash flow, or luck in business. 
  • Dream of theft, if we make it a symbol of the damage. 
  • Stealing candy is associated with small health problems. 
  • If you are asleep you steal money, you have to watch out for those around you. The theft of gold means the arrival of bad news. The theft of valuables symbolizes failure, since in one case do no longer can do. 
  • Theft in someones home is a harbinger of worsening relations with the environment.
  • Theft of flowers is a symbol of good intentions that will lead you to the wrong act.
  • Theft of shoes shows our sense of guilt and remorse.
  • Shoplifting omen is the loss of dignity and good name.
  • Stealing clothes means unbridled desire to have.
  • The theft of the car looks great loss.
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