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Similar names of sleep:

stone / small stones / big stones / stone falling / stone on the roadf / colored stones / stoned to death / collecting stones

Stones appearing in a dream may symbolize a person stubborn or unfeeling, with whom we have contact. Besides, they are fortune difficulties and problems that we face every day. The importance of sleep stones is also a preview of hard work, but we can expect the desired effects or the prize after it has been completed.

  • According to the dream book small stones are small trouble.
  • When you dream big stones, you will lose something important.
  • Stone lying on the road is a symbol of difficult to overcome obstacles.
  • Stones falling from the sky are an omen of some misfortune.
  • Dream of the stones in the water mean heartbreak.
  • According to the dream book precious stones represent an excessive desire for comfort and well-being.
  • Stones in the mouth promise some disease.
  • Collecting stones symbolizes the decline, who will soon receive.
  • When you walk on the stones, get ready for concern.
  • Building stones to the announcement of the fulfillment of the plans and their benefits.
  • Throwing with stones mean quarrels.
  • When you have been stoned to death in a dream, you have great remorse.
  • Colored stones promise happiness.
  • If the stones walking around in a dream, waiting for you hard work.
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