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Similar names of sleep:

swing / dream about swin / see a swing / swing in / children swinging / swing in the park / carousel

If your dream appears to swing, it may mean that you hesitate before taking any decision. According swing dream book is a symbol of changing moods. Perhaps you feel insecure in life, you do not know which way to follow. You lose by this confidence and act blindly waiting until somebody will direct your life.
  • When you see a swing in a dream, it is a warning against the consequences of your indecision.
  •  Sitting on a swing means that you are in a very difficult situation, caught between a rock and a hard place.
  •  A swing in a dream symbolizes the time to decide. If you are afraid to swing, you lack a sense of security and fear about the future.
  • If someone were swinging on a swing, you'll be happy with your life.
  •  An empty swing is a lack of financial stability. 
  • Children swinging on the swings in your dream indicate a desire to start a family, but the fear of liability.
  •  The importance of sleep swing in the park is a passionate love affair. 
  • Dream of a swing if you fall it is a sign that liberate from under someone's negative impact.
  • Carousel appearing in a dream means taking the risky activities. But you can not lose control over the situation, act with the head and common sense.
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