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teacher / chemistry teacher / maths teacher / see a teacher / change a teacher / music teacher

Dream about a teacher means that before you an important exam or test. It can awaken in you doubts, fear or anxiety associated with too little faith in their own abilities. The importance of sleep teacher varies depending on its type.
  • If you see a teacher or the przebywasz- feel satisfaction and pleasure in the pursuit of a problem. Perhaps in the end you manage to solve it.
  • If you're in a dream teacher, isolated succeed. Moreover, the dream book teacher can also symbolize your smartness and confidence that you know all the best (you are Besserwisser)
  • If you dream you change the teacher, waiting for you a pleasure.
  • If you see his death- you will realize with sudden loss of something.
  • Kissing teacher means success in science.
  • If a teacher in a dream is your teacher, you will meet a warning in connection with inappropriate behavior
  • The dream of a teacher fizyki- Pulling in science subjects.
  • Teacher matematyki- will increase your creativity.
  • Teacher muzyki- you'll be more creative.
  • When you dream of Polish teacher, this is the announcement of boredom.
  • Teacher religii- you happen to be something that will test your professed values.
  • History teacher means that you should learn from your mistakes and others, as well as the fact that your life away in May that the events of the past.
  • Chemistry teacher is, however, a reference to our relationship with other people.
  • Moreover, the dream of a teacher is also associated with dreams of science. When you dream that you give teachings, you'll get an invitation to an event or you are a good person. When using the teachings of someone, you need to become more independent, or you meet on your way righteous people.
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