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Similar names of sleep:

teeth / toothache / broken teeth / moving teeth / white teeth / bleeding teeth

The teeth appear in dreams are usually a symbol of financial needs or sexual. However, the dream of teeth also means vitality, confidence, failure and loss. The importance of sleep teeth it requires a deeper interpretation.

  • According to the dream book healthy teeth are an omen of success and material benefits. 
  • Decayed teeth indicate failure and loss. 
  • Dental in a dream is a symbol of the problems which mask rather than solve them. 
  • Toothache is a success. 
  • Broken teeth are symbols of relationship breakdown. 
  • Artificial teeth indicate profession. 
  • Pulling teeth promises to organize some cases.
  •  When you fall asleep teeth, waiting for you unhappiness, perhaps the death of a loved one. 
  • When they fall all at once, your house will be empty now.
  • Bleeding teeth are warning of a danger.
  • White teeth are a symbol of luck.
  • Moving teeth are a symbol of financial losses.
  • Broken teeth predict serious trouble.
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