Dreambook:Tent - the importance of dreams


Similar names of sleep:

tent / camping / old tent / break up the tent / live in a tent

Dream of a tent is often simply a reference to the planned trip in real life. According to the dream book tent may, however, have a rich symbolism.

  • Dream of a tent, which you see from afar means that you are a very interesting world, which depends on the fact that frequently move from place to place. Do you like to overcome limitations and do not want to be stuck in one place.
  • Break up the tent in a dream is a dream, which refers to your precarious work situation.
  • Dream about the fact that you live in a tent or you sleep in it promises to finally get rid of some of the problems that have accompanied you for a long time.
  • Old and very dilapidated tent seen in a dream promises serious problems that soon will come to your face.
  • Camping seen in dreams refers to your considerable problems with expressing emotions and making contact with other people.
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