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robber / thief / capture a thief / stealing

According to the dream book thief in a dream is coming adventure of love.

  • When in a dream you see a thief in your life there will be positive changes in matters of feelings.
  • If you are chasing the thief, your enemies can harm you. 
  • Capturing him is a symbol of danger. 
  • If you are a thief, your profligacy offends you people and lead to financial ruin. 
  • If in the dream you caught the thief red-handed, you have to care more about the safety of his family. 
  • When you let him get away, someone now disappoint your trust. 
  • Burglary seen in a dream means the end of any effort in his private life.
  • Stealing in a dream means a bad sign.
  • For women dream about a thief is a symbol of the desire to break out of a relationship. 
  • For a man and a thief means to save their property by its loss.
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Cani | 5 star star star star star
uuuuu if I should break out of a realationship? I hope that I dont remember my dream enough and that everything will be ok. But my dreams usually come true..

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