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tiger / dream about tiger / be a tiger / tigers escpae / tiger in cage / long tiger / huge tiger

The tiger is one of the largest predators on land. Victims tearing in the blink of an eye, because usually its symbolism refers to the fight against enemy aggression, hidden opponents.

  • According to the dream book tiger appears in a dream is the most common warning of the danger and hidden enemies who will do anything to harm us. The dream often suggests a person Dreaming that it should control their impulses, because the lack of control can bring her a lot of problems.
  • If you dream that you are the tiger is a sign that in real life you should be more courageous in their actions. You should take the initiative. You need to be more creative and combative.
  • Tiger in a dream a man often refers to the desire strong woman. It is also often a sign that you should be in their decisions more assertive.
  • If you see a tiger in a dream from a very long distance it means that revolves around you a lot of enemies and enemies who in various ways to attempt to harm you
  • The meeting tiger on his way promises to get to know a very important and influential person. Familiarity with it will bring you a lot of benefits, not only in the spiritual realm, but also material.
  • If you dream that attacks Cie tiger is a warning of the difficulties that await you in the near future. Likewise, it is interpreted in escaping from the tiger. Escape from this animal is also the fear and anxiety people Dreaming.
  • When a tiger escapes from us, we can expect the successful completion of some things and solve all problems.
  • Seen tiger in a cage, or defeating an aggressive tiger means that finally you deal with your worst enemy.
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Paul | 5 star star star star star
I was attack by tiger but I run away. I felt so tired when I woke up

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