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toilet / clogged toilet / dream about toilet

Dream of the toilet, according to many dreambooks be interpreted as a harbinger of very serious rumors about us. It is also the announcement of slander.

  • According to the dream book toilet with human excrement promises rapid influx of large cash.
  • Using the toilet is a dream that promises to overcome considerable difficulties and problems that have been around for a long time did not give you peace.
  • Clogged toilet is a sign that you have a lot of problems with purification of the mind.
  • If you dream of a toilet that is contaminated, very dirty and disgusting is a bad sign. Dream because such means fail interests with which connect big plans and hopes.
  • Failure flushing of the toilet is a sign that really need some help, because you can not cope with some issues.
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Alex | 5 star star star star star
I had strange and awful drwam about so dirty toilet but I wanted to pie so much and I didnt know what to do. And I went to guy to ask about toilet but I found out that it was only one. I decided to go away but I still wanted to pie so much :D what such dream can mean?

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