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Similar names of sleep:

vampire / be a vampire / attacked by vampire / vampire lovers / escape from vampires / drinking blood

According to the dream book vampire is a symbol that appears in dreams primarily as a warning. Often signals a loss of energy, which can be very violent. Sen vampire can mean different very cumbersome for you relationship. It is also often a toxic symbol of love or unfulfilled obligations.

  • According to the traditional interpretation of the vampire seen in a dream is a sign that your environment is very unkind to you person. It is also a signal that maybe soon you will have to deal with an enemy or a serious problem. To see a vampire in a dream is a warning against fraud.
  • Be attacked by a vampire is sort of a good sign. The dream says, it does not belong to people naive. And if someone tries to cheat you are sure he will not succeed. If, however, you see that the vampire attacks another person, it means that this someone very jealous of considerable strength and excellent organization of life. It is not worth so under any circumstances fall into low self-esteem, but just get a good example.
  • Vampire drinking your blood is a warning against people from the real world that threaten this real life.
  • Much sleep vampire is yet another if you dream that you're a vampire. This situation symbolizes the fact that you do not want to appear to others in the full light. It is worth to think about if you hide something from the world, because it may be the cause of certain restrictions. Thus the mere act against himself.
  • Vampire lovers for it is often a symbol that the partner does not behave honestly. Perhaps to some extent Cie uses.
  • Escape from Vampire means that afflicts you unfulfilled love. Or you have in real life some importunate lover.
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