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war / dream about war / air raid / martial law / bombs / harbinfer / take part in war

War is the theme apnea, which occurs in many people. According to the dream book war usually looks bad and adverse events - conflicts, problems, difficult time in life.

Dream about the war, which we see only means that certain life situations evoke in us a lot of stress and nervousness. Very we are bothering about your safety, or about what will happen in the future. According to many interpretations view of the war in a dream is a preview of some of the conflict, for example at work, family or among friends.

  • A dream in which we see the war and the fighting soldiers is a warning against meddling in the affairs of other people that you do not apply.
  • The war won heralds overcome their huge weakness. It is also the announcement that finally overcome some problems that had haunted us for a very long time.
  • Lost war, in turn, portends a lot of difficulties that appear in your life. You'll have to face them alone.
  • Dream of the war may have for women symbolic significance - is the announcement that she would bear a son, or that he would marry a soldier.
  • Be at war and fight it is the announcement of a sharp conflict that breaks out among your friends. You should not, however, too much to go into this conflict, because it's only hurt you.
  • To go to war is the harbinger of an adverse turn of events, which now you do. No end they come your way.
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