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Similar names of sleep:

wardrobe / closet / hide in closet

The cabinet is a symbol of a period, a transitional phase in life. You need to prepare so any changes that will allow you to go on and achieve life goals.
  • When you see in a dream wardrobe it is a warning not to destroy something that you can still be useful in the future. Empty wardrobe symbolizes theft, so you have to watch especially now. Three-door wardrobe is the forerunner to overcome any difficulties. A bad omen wardrobe is receiving from someone bad flare. You'd better think well before you act.
  • If you hide something in the closet, you have to reduce your expenses. Buying cabinet is the need to change the appearance. According to the dream book closet full of clothes is a sign that you sometimes hard to decide. Wardrobe locked symbolizes your secrets, which become waking. If the cabinet is wide open, someone Cie seriously embarrass. Dream of an old closet symbolizes a successful marriage. The importance of sleep wardrobe, which put the clothes is a warning not to spend money unnecessarily. When you keep in the closet underwear, soon you will marry. If the cabinet is closed and we can not open, waiting for us poverty.
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