Dreambook:Washing - The importance of dreams


Similar names of sleep:

laundry / washing dirty things / washing in clean water / hand washing / sorting the laundry

If your dream appears theme washing, it means that you are concerned a person who recently appeared in your life. Moreover, the dream of washing symbolizes gossip and slander. Washing also points to get rid of the filth of life.

  • When you wash in a dream dirty things will improve a conflict situation, which help you find among their concerns. 
  • If you're taking care of laundry, help find among their friends. 
  • Dream of washing in clean water means that you need to organize your personal life. 
  • Washing in dirty water is the clue to be wary of slander that someone will spread about you. 
  • Once in a dream, doing laundry, working atmosphere is improved. On the other hand, someone you may be very upset. 
  • When we hang laundry, someone crabs you behind your back. 
  • Download Washing means the suspension of disputes. If you hang it on the outside, you have a lot to hide.
  • Sorting the laundry before washing the means success after a fight with a lot of adversity. 
  • Hand washing is a symbol of the case, which will bring you a lot of damage. 
  • Machine washable means himself of an impact. 
  • When washing helps you loved one, you will return to some forgotten things.
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