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Similar names of sleep:

water / dream about water / sea / swimming pool / flooding / drowning

When you dream about water, you need to pay attention to her condition and behavior. The importance of sleep the water is in fact the condition of our psyche and spirituality. If it is clean, it means there is always something good balance and peace of mind, dirty water while indicating excessive attachment to material things, impure thoughts, and low self-confidence.

  • Walking on water symbolizes a person confident and determined.
  • If you fall asleep in the water, be prepared for suffering.
  • Tap water is cash flow.
  • According to the dream book water at home this announcement or visitors or row, depending on its condition.
  • The sea symbolizes the longing for rest and holidays.
  • The river is an obstacle on the way to the goal.
  • When you dream of the pool, you have some limitations that are worth a break.
  • Flooding is a symbol of outrage and excess emotions.
  • Dream of water which pours is a sign of lack of moderation or argumentative.
  • Drowning in water portends trouble and care.
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