Dreambook:Wolf - The importance of dreams


Similar names of sleep:

wolf / dream about wolf / wolf bite / howling wolf / black wolf / kill awolf / tame wolf

The wolf symbolizes a person self-confident, proud, and often possessive and even aggressive. These features can make it hard to make your acquaintance. In addition, the dream of a wolf means that you are a loner and an individualist. It also symbolizes the faithful and devoted friend. The importance of sleep wolf is also fighting impulses and instincts. Still we continue in our fight against the passions and the animal nature of the party.

  • When asleep fingers through the wolf, you can not delude ourselves that someone suddenly change and forget, and its nature.
  • Tame wolf is a symbol of reconciliation and friendship.
  • Chasing you in a dream wolves bode confrontation.
  • The bite of the wolf is in danger.
  • White wolf heralds a situation with which he will have to deal with.
  • The black wolf is a symbol of anxiety and danger.
  • The howl of the wolf means that someone is going to need your help.
  • The Wolf seen in a dream promises heavy competition.
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