Dreambook:Wood - the importance of dreams


Similar names of sleep:

wood / stacking wood / wooden stairs / chopping wood / rotten wood / wooden house

When your dream comes to wood, perhaps awake feel that routine crept into your life. According to the dream book wood may also be a sense of tradition and old-fashioned customs. However, it is also a symbol of durability and safety. Working systematically on its success, surely you manage to achieve it.
  • If in a dream stacking wood, waiting for you hard work and challenging effort.
  • Stack or pile of wood mean peaceful future through hard work.
  • Chopping wood is a symbol of loss of property.
  • The importance of sleep firewood is unexpected expenses.
  • The wooden house in a dream is a symbol of a happy family.
  • Wooden stairs mean plans which will not bring any benefit to you.
  • Wooden utensils used in the dream are a hint to once again rethink spending.
  • When wood in your dream floats on the water, your dream luck suddenly vanish.
  • Throwing wood on the fire is a symbol of extravagance.
  • Dream of rotten wood means that you feel lonely.
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