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Similar names of sleep:

row / wrangle / row with mother / argument with husband / quarrel with sister / fight / wrangle in work

When you dream of an argument, it may mean that you are under constant pressure environment and lack of strength you have to act. In your life there is a lot of stress and negative emotions. Besides, the dream book row is also warning against fraud, do not be fooled by unfriendly people.
  • The importance of dream disturbance in the family is an important event or meeting someone important.
  • If you're dreaming of an argument with husband, now you can be in a crisis, you have to try to beat him.
  • The row with her mother is a symbol of the problems that you encounter in various areas of life.
  • A quarrel with his sister means that you are still an immature person.
  • Dream of an argument on the street points to your habit, which you have to fight.
  • The row in the work of the joint bode out with colleagues.
  • When you see a fight in a dream, resolved at the end of a conflict.
  • A quarrel with sister means that you are still an immature person.
  • The fight is a symbol of quarrels and misunderstandings in the environment.
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